How to calculate the project's Cost-Benefit Ratio

The Cost-Benefit Ratio is a statistic that measures the money spent to achieve 1% of social impact

The foundation is a ratio: R = C:B
where R is the ratio, C is the costs (i.e. money spent) and B is the benefits (i.e. change achieved).

The numbers you need
  Source KPI KPA Unit Target Actual
1 Budget Payments Finance $ money spent $ $
4 Proposal Payoffs Strategy % change achieved %






The results you get
  Source Actual Target Measure Score
1 $ - Budget 995,000 1000,000 Economy 99.5
4 % - Proposal 5 10 Equity{ 50
    199,000:1 100,000:1 C|B Equity{ 1.99x target






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