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S001Elements of a M&E ReportWhat to cover
S002Measuring CapacityWhat to ask

Practice Notes

N001How to calculate a project's Excellencea balanced scorecard statistic summarising financial, human, production and social performance.X = E4
N002How to calculate a project's Cost-Benefit Ratioa statistic that measures the money spent to achieve 1% of social impactR = C:B
N003How to calculate a project's Capacitya statistic measuring the organisation’s ability to produce the set of project deliverables, based on satisfying an idealised organogram and job descriptions.wp = P/c


P001Causes Signs And CuresA poster describing World Bank-assisted projects in Nigeria
P002Up-sizing ReportsHow to add value to reports and even predict outcomes
P003EconomyHow to measure the project's economy
P004Predictive M&EMethods to predict outcomes
P005XE4 DashboardSome of my project indicators


COO1Total ReachCalculates direct and indirect reach of project
COO2N CalculatorCalculates sample size for project
COO3ExcellenceCalculates overall performance of the project
COO4CapacityCalculates managerial and operational capacity of the project
COO5CombinationsCalculates the number of possible combinations

Training Courses

Open University
TOO1Module 01Introduction to MEAL
TOO2Module 02MEAL System Overview
TOO3Module 03Programme Frameworks
TOO4Module 04MEAL planning and budgeting
TOO5Module 05Baseline and evaluation design management
TOO6Module 06Methods of data collection
TOO7Module 07Accountability
TOO8Module 08Children's participation
TOO9Module 09Use of MEAL data
TO10Module 10M&E of advocacy
TO11Module 11Total Reach
TO12Module 12Child participation indicators
TO13Module 13Measuring global campaigns
TO14Module 14Measuring health and nutrition
TO15Module 15Measuring education
TO16Module 16Measuring results in child protection
TO17Module 17Measuring governance
TO18Module 18Measuring humanitarian work
TO19Module 01Economic Evaluation Basics

Live Support

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